“There is a deepfake explosion.  It is rapidly proliferating and saturating media everywhere. Over 95% of deepfake is pornography, 99% of that porn is of girls and women, and 95% of that porn is nonconsensual.  The only effective solution is for governments to ban them at every stage of production and distribution, putting legal accountability on the companies that provide deepfake technology, the creators of deepfake content, and everyone in between, including users who feel entitled to view with impunity such abusive imagery of bodies, violating our dignity and rights."

Ashley Judd

Actor, Activist and Author

"AI is making deepfakes easier, faster, and cheaper. If laws don’t deter people from propagating them, fraud could escalate, and democracy, which depends on truth, could be undermined. Counterfeiting people should be outlawed, just like counterfeiting money or  legal documents."

Steven Pinker

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

“There’s a new kind of theft preying on women today–the theft of our bodily autonomy. When it happens to people in the spotlight, it becomes a media sensation, but 99.9% of the victims of deepfakes and online sexual abuse cannot fight back the way a celebrity can. The Campaign to Ban Deepfakes not only pushes technology companies to be more accountable to survivors but also advocates for laws that ban Deepfakes and prosecute wrongdoers. NOW is proud to join other leaders to ensure that deepfakes are fully erased from our society.”

Christian Nunes

National President, National Organization for Women (NOW)

What are


Deepfakes defined

Deepfakes are non-consensually AI-generated voices, images or videos that are created to produce sexual imagery, commit fraud, or spread misinformation.

A growing threat

Rapid AI improvement has made deepfake creation fast, cheap and easy.

Between 2022 and 2023, deepfake sexual content increased by over 400%, and deepfake fraud increased by 3000%.

Time to act

The only effective way to stop deepfakes is for governments to ban them at every stage of production and distribution.

This must place legal accountability on the companies that provide deepfake technology, the creators of deepfake content, and everyone in between. 


Join hundreds of public figures, experts, and citizens calling for a ban on deepfakes

Our Policies

1. Make deepfakes a crime

The creation and dissemination of deepfakes must be a crime.

2. Hold developers accountable

Model developers must be held liable for negligence.

3. Hold deployers accountable

All providers of deepfakes must be held liable for negligence.


Here are recommended amendments to US draft bills on deepfakes from founding members of the campaign, the Future of Life Institute.

In the UK, a cross-party coalition has publicly endorsed and supports ControlAI's campaign to ban deepfakes, with measures across the supply chain.

Share your story

If you have been affected by deepfakes, share your story with us to help prevent your experience from happening to anyone else.